Steve Roberts is one of those people that the energy just blasts away from and you just want to be around or connected with. With a background in education and having worked at Stanford, Steve decided it was time to make a shift in his life. He started teaching yoga and travelling around the world. And as he puts it himself, he is still discovering himself as different people and places bring out different sides of him. He left California in March, purging most of his belongings, and he is taking the ‘long way’ back to South Africa via North Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. South Africa be ready! He is heading back fully charged with experience to share in your yoga community.

We can’t wait to hear more about Steve and his story!

Nationality:            South-African
Lives in:                  Everywhere at the moment!
Teaching since:      2015
Teaches:                  Vinyasa, AcroVinyasa, Yin and Yoga Nidra
Favorite motto:    “The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a                                      mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” (Henry Miller)

Who are your favorite heroes in real life?
My mother who taught me to be optimistic and compassionate,  Nelson Mandela for his lessons in virtue and integrity and my high-school English teacher, Mr Rumboll, who showed me the importance of passion.

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?
The ability to laugh from the depths of our bellies, a tendency to communicate through touch, and an adventurous willingness to chat about ideas and not just things or happenings.

When did your yoga adventure start?
My first yoga class was in 2005, when I was working as a teacher at a school in Prague. It was arranged as a ‘work-life balance’ event during our lunch break. At the time, I felt really self-conscious twisting and folding and shaking in front of my boss (who released gas several times during the hour!). Little did I know that I would relish moving beyond this self-consciousness over the next decade!

How did yoga become part of your life?
I really deepened my connection to my yoga practice when I was living in the north of Sri Lanka in 2009/10, just after the civil war there had ended. I was supporting the public service in capacity building and training local teachers. There were very few foreigners in the region, as you needed Ministry of Defence clearance to access the area. I found the strong practice of Ashtanga gave me physical and emotional space to release the chaos which had built up inside me from the war-torn environment, and develop renewed energy and centredness to jump into my days with both feet.

What does yoga bring you?
Tools to access myself, presence to connect to others, and mobility to move through this life.

What do you teach?
My favourite classes to teach are a strong vinyasa flow, a playful ACROVINYASA, and a grounding yin or yin/yang.

Where do you teach?
This year has seen quite a bit of movement. I’ve taught at Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program, a retreat centre in Morocco, co-led a 200hr YTT in Philippines, assisted at Wanderlust and run workshops down the east Coast of Australia. I will be heading back to Cape Town at the end of the year to begin exciting new community-building projects.

What do you do day-to-day? How does your yoga teacher life look like?
As I have been following/running trainings and workshops in Europe, Asia and Australia over the last few months, it’s tricky to pinpoint a particular routine!  Despite this continuous movement, there are a few things that anchor me daily: connecting to my body through a practice or a jog; touching base with a friend or family member; putting energy into current and upcoming projects; and, as often as possible, spending time in nature. I have a weak spot for sun and sea!

What is your favorite Yoga pose?
It depends on my mood but, if I have to choose one, Wild Thing (Camatkarasana) is always a juicy balance of strengthening and opening.

What is the best outdoor place to do yoga?
I was always barefoot as a child in Johannesburg so, as an adult, I love the nostalgic feeling of grass between my toes and fingers as I practice!

Do you have a funny story to share about your yoga experience?
When I was working at Stanford University as an instructional designer, I often craved a midday Yoga Nidra. There weren’t too many private spaces available, so I used to book the ‘Breastfeeding Room’ for a lunch time boost!  I had to use a pseudonym as ‘Steve’ doesn’t sound like a breastfeeders name. Don’t tell anybody. 😉

Do you have any yoga teachers who inspire you?
Yes, many! Here are a few: Samrat Dasgupta (for giving a philosophical frame for my practice), Jason Crandall (for his brain and sincerity), Briohny and Dice (of ‘Bryce Yoga’ for taking me out of the box!), and Claudine and Honza Lafond (for showing me the importance of laughter and community). 

What are your recommendations for yoga beginners?
Breathe to enjoy!

What are your recommendations for yogi’s who want to become teachers?
Take a first step (such as a workshop or training) and be receptive to allowing things to flow organically from there.

What are your top 3 Instagram accounts you like following?




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