Summer is coming! No more winter hibernation and extra pounds!  You might have already planed a  “swimsuit” diet but everyone knows that doing a diet quietly is better in the long run.

But did you know that your yoga mat might be your best ally to achieve this objective ?

Lose weight with yoga is possible. Let’s see why.

Stretching is the key!

Yoga is among others about stretching and stretching again. The postures (asanas) are hold quite a long time. With regular practice the silhouette gets slimer and more harmonious unlike other sport disciplines that tend to shorten the muscles.

However, yoga requires some regular practice to observe results and physical changes. We advise you 3 times a week for a quick transformation.

Find your own balance

As one would say there is no fire without some smoke.

The yoga practice is generally accompanied with healthy food habits. Not easy as program … especially when your are used to eat what you want, when you want and in any quantity. You know, that packet of crisps eaten before a film, this piece of chocolate that turns into a tablet ?

What you need is to find your balance: here is a promise that you can keep with yoga.

Yes! because yoga helps you become aware of your body and mind through a full practice (breathing exercises, stretching and meditation). Your body will send you signals and highlight physical and mental weaknesses that you have sometimes deliberately forgotten. Your relationship with food will change naturally though. You will be more aware of what you eat, the impact that it will have on your body especially to your true hunger. Therefore, you are less prone to impulsive cravings and you might reach satiety faster.

Relax yourself

You are ready to lose weight effectively only in favorable psychological conditions.

Meditation - Where Is My Mat

We all know that stress is a weight gain factor for a lot of people. A psychological factor because it promotes eating disorders. But also a physical one. Under the effect of stress, our cortisol level (aka stress hormone) jumps. High levels of cortisol increases appetite and prevents proper disposal of fats. Over the time weight gain might occur or even worse diabetes.

Yoga can also impact effectively the way you manage your daily stress.

First because you will re-learn  how to breathe. Then because you will develop a new physical force that will make you consider your body differently. You will take a greater physical and mental control that will help you start new eating habits.

But what kind of yoga practicing ?

Indeed, there are many different styles, more or less dynamic, more or less effective for slimming.

Bikram yoga

This is certainly the type of yoga that helps in weight loss quickly.

In a room heated to 40 ° C, the class of 90 minutes consist of a series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises. Sweating removes toxins and ease you to lost weight.

Power yoga

As the name suggests, Power Yoga is a dynamic one, also practiced in a heated room most of the time. Thanks to rapid sequences of postures, it helps to tone and burn fat.


This practice exercises is a mix of Pilates and yoga stretching postures and breathing postures. It is a gentle practice but effective to build muscles. It works cladding and body flexibility.

Lose weight with yoga is therefore within reach. It is the solution for a better quality of life. No matter what style you choose it will be beneficial for you and accompanying you effectively in your weight loss.

15 May 2015
Lose weight with yoga - Where Is My Mat

Lose weight with yoga ?

Summer is coming! No more winter hibernation and extra pounds!  You might have already planed a  “swimsuit” diet but everyone knows that doing a diet quietly is better in […]