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25 January 2017

Steps to finding freshness through finding ourself

The transition from one year to the next seems to stir up a whole lot of reflection and dreaming within us all. There’s this kind of […]
4 November 2016

How to open in your body what using technology closes

The average millennial in the U.S. spends more than three hours a day on their phone, texting, watching media, or surfing the net. If this doesn’t […]
15 May 2015
Lose weight with yoga - Where Is My Mat

Lose weight with yoga ?

Summer is coming! No more winter hibernation and extra pounds!  You might have already planed a  “swimsuit” diet but everyone knows that doing a diet quietly is better in […]
13 May 2015
Yoga and surf

Yoga and surf: a winning combinaison !

The 60s surfers would not have bet on yoga to improve their practice when they started. But recently more and more yoga and surf packages such […]