Our yogi of this week is Sigi Kolbe, a nurse, midwife, artist, painter, photographer and yogi from Namibia who has the Namibian desserts as her playground. Not to bad I am thinking by myself when looking at her photographs.

As Sigi says it herself:

I plan my day around the classes I teach. In my free time I like to be creative – pursuing photography or painting. I read a great deal and enjoy spending time with my family.

Let’s get to know this Yogini a bit more!

Nationality:            Namibian
Lives in:                  Swakopmund, Namibia
Teaching since:     2006
Teaches:                 Yin, Vinyasa and Power yoga
Favorite motto:     Live, love, Inspire

Who are your favorite heroes in real life?
Everyone who gets up after being knocked down. As a Registered Nurse by profession I have seen people dealt some bad blows due to illness, violence, accidents etc. and I have always been humbled by those that have fought back even when the odds were stacked against them. I remember a young man who had severed his spinal cord from an accident and woke up  to being a quadriplegic, and despite the initial phases of denial, anger and mourning he eventually began to focus on working with the various therapists  to lead as normal a life as possible. These are heroes in my eyes.

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?
Honesty and humor is something I look for in my friends.

When did your yoga adventure start?
My husband introduced me to yoga in 1999. At first I would practice at home or attend classes on my travels. After I obtained my Yoga certification in 2006 I started teaching regularly from my studio at home.

How did yoga become part of your life?
At first the physical asana practice drew me in. I was always active and went to the gyms, did aerobics, ran half marathons, became a black belt in kickboxing and even did a brief  stint in motocross racing. Although I enjoyed all these activities, I was prone to injury and was thus drawn to a practice that was far more wholistic namely yoga. Today Yoga is far more than just the physical practice although I still enjoy it immensely. I consider Yoga a mood tonic. I have found it lifts my mood every time. Some days are harder than others and when I’m feeling down or sad Yoga always makes me feel better. I have also found  it extremely important in calming and grounding me. I am hyperactive and tend to multitask, so finding time to simply sit and breath has been perfect in connecting the physical with the mental and spiritual sides of my life.

What does yoga bring you?
So much joy. Yoga has given me a sense of accomplishment that I never knew possible, perhaps because it is so humbling. On the one hand you begin to master a pose and feel incredible satisfaction then another pose remains beyond your (immediate) reach – It gives and takes, yin and yang. All this together with the mood tonic it provides relates to joy.

What do you teach?
I moved to the coast 9 months ago and have have taught at Myoga Swakopmund with the owner – Ronja Gossow.  I teach Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga. I will be opening my own studio in September 2016 (Urban Zen) and will add prenatal yoga classes.

What do you do day-to-day? How does your yoga teacher life look like?
I teach at two studios. One belongs to my colleague  (Myoga Swakopmund) and the other is mine (Urban Zen Yoga). We run the two studios in tandem to give our clients versatile time slots. Most mornings I start the day with a Yin Yoga class and then teach either a Vinyasa or Power yoga class based on the schedule. I recently added Prenatal yoga and alignment based classes to the schedule. Between classes I will prepare for the next class or do a self-practice. I partake in Instagram yoga challenges so I will make time to work on the pose for the day and photogrpah it in a suitable location.

What is your favorite Yoga pose?
I love arm balances because they have given me a sense of strength I never thought possible. I was always a little skinny and undefined as a youngster and with arm balances everything changed. 

What is the best outdoor place to do yoga?
Currently the Namib dunes are my new favorite outdoor playground.


Do you have any yoga teachers who inspire you?
All the teacher I have spent time with have inspired me in some way, however small or profound the lesson was.

What are your recommendations for yoga beginners?
Join a class if you lack self-motivation, there is nothing like a class to inspire and energize you.

What are your recommendations for yogi’s who want to become teachers?
Obtain first, learn and absorb.

What are your top 3 Instagram accounts you like following?
Even though it’s super difficult to choose only three, my absolute favorites are:




Want to take a class with Sigi?

Check out her schedule on Where Is My Mat

Want to connect with Sigi? Reach out to her on:

Instagram: @sigikolbe

Website: www.yoga-namibia.com

Or watch here amazing incredible Yoga Balance Flow at Deadvlei in Namibia on Youtube



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