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Our yogi of this week is Neyu Marquès, an adventurous woman, a passionate traveler who loves meeting new people, learning and living new experiences in life. She has an astonishing 105K followers on Instagram and she lives her life like every day is an adventure. She was born in Spain but lives everywhere nowadays and never knows what’s next. She usually starts her day with yoga and always tries to save time to be outside in contact with nature and time to write. When she feels she ‘needs to come back home’ she goes to Menorca where all her family lives. Get the know this passionate yogini and her way of life!

Who are your favorite heroes in real life?

My mum is my real hero in life.  Her life was not easy, but she has always fought for the happiness of my brothers and me. Her love for us has given her the strength to overcome any adversity and she motivates and inspires me every day. She has taught me that if we really want something, have a clear goal in life and if we go for it with love and passion, there is nothing that can stop us.

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?

I appreciate it when my friends are honest, sincere and transparent.

When did your yoga adventure start?
Last year, when I was living in San Diego, CA, a friend encouraged me to go to a yoga class. I just went there because I like trying new things, but I never thought this would be an activity for me. Well, I was wrong. I fell in love with Yoga and with the environment around it.
After that first class, I decided to learn on my own at home. It was just physical practice, without wishing to go further. I got inspired and motivated following some great yogis on Instagram and I actually joined their yoga-challenges. It was simply another way to learn new body positions and to grow and improve. During this period I was working in a resort as part of the animation and recreation staff and every day I gave a class of Yoga-Pilates-stretching. That motivated me to keep learning about Yoga and everything related to it.
That is why last January I decided to travel to India where I took my first Yoga Teacher Training Course to learn about yoga and its origins as a lifestyle that goes further beyond the mere physical activity.
I can’t imagine my life without yoga. Yoga is now a part of my everyday life, my philosophy and my way of life.
What is your favorite Yoga pose?

My favorite pose is Titibasana (Firefly pose) and I just realized the other day that it might be because it was the first asana I tried when I even didn’t know what yoga was.

I also love all forward bends.

What is the best outdoor place to do yoga?

The beach! I love doing yoga at the beach or anywhere in front of the ocean! I like to feel the heat of the sun on my skin, the salty smell of the ocean penetrating my lungs and the marine breeze caressing my skin. My body moves following the rhythm of my breath and I feel tiny and vulnerable in front of the immensity of the sea, which encourages me to grow and to fulfil my potentials.

Why did you come to yoga?

I don’t know how… I just started and since then I’m addicted. I need yoga everyday (sometimes it doesn’t have to be the physical part).

What does yoga bring you?

Awareness; through yoga I’ve learned to listen my body. Now I’m more aware of what my body and mind needs. Yoga brings out the best of me in all aspects of my life; it’s a lifestyle.

The yoga community has taught me to be kind and to listen my heart and the most important, has taught me to love myself; when I love myself I can give the best of me to the people around me.

Do you have any yoga teachers who inspire you?

Everybody inspires me. I believe that everybody has something to share; I learn from all the people I meet.
What do you teach?

I started teaching at a resort last year, right after I discovered yoga. It wasn’t really yoga; I wasn’t experienced by then so I was just teaching the physical part.  Now I’m focused on learning. I always follow my heart and my heart tells me now I should travel, learn and experience as much as I can. When my heart will tell me it’s time to teach, I’ll start teaching again.

What are your recommendations for yoga beginners?

Do not take yourself too seriously, don’t push yourself, relax your mind and your body and always listen to your body. Your body knows exactly what you need.

What are your recommendations for yogi’s who want to become teachers?

Teach from your heart. Share your knowledge and be open to learn from everybody.

What are your top 3 Instagram accounts you like following?

My absolute favorites are:




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6 September 2016

PORTRAIT: Neyu Marquès – a passionate travelling yogini

    Our yogi of this week is Neyu Marquès, an adventurous woman, a passionate traveler who loves meeting new people, learning and living new experiences in life. […]