Meet Bryan Gwin, a tall, 2 different-eye colored, upside down yogi who currently resides in Seattle, WA. If you don’t find him upside down somewhere, he’s most likely riding a board down a mountain. Read his interview to find out more how he went from broga to yoga.

Who are your favorite heroes in real life?

Anyone who pursues their dreams wildly, but does it in love.

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?

I love that I can be a complete goofy weirdo and my friends will not care a bit! In fact, they will most likely join in and we can all be goofy weirdos together.

When did your yoga adventure start?

It started about two years ago with a friend of mine saying he will teach me “broga.” So my two friends and I went to his house and laid down some mats and he lead us through our first yoga class. The following six months after that, I probably took about 5 yoga classes in total, so it hadn’t really captured me just yet. During those six months I got really inspired by watching some Ido Portal videos and that’s when my handstand journey began. I looked on Instagram for inspiration and found that most people that were doing upside down were yogis. From there I developed my own home yoga practice, pretty much all from Instagram inspiration, and here I am today.

What is your favorite Yoga pose?


What is the best outdoor place to do yoga?

Any park in Seattle 😉 

What does yoga bring you?

It is one of my forms of meditation.  I love doing things that make you really present and focus on whats going on in the moment.  Yoga is not the only practice that does this for me, but it is definitely a huge one in my life!

Do you have any yoga teachers who inspire you?

Dylan Werner was the one that inspired me the most in getting into yoga.  When I found him on Instagram I was blown away that a guy doing “yoga” was doing the things he was doing.  Elvis Garcia is also one of the most inspiring teachers that I am lucky enough to call a close friend.  Getting to know him and monkeying around in his studio, Seattle Yoga Lounge, created memories that will last a lifetime. 

Do you teach?

I don’t teach just yet!  I plan on getting certified this year at some point.  Vinyasa would be my choice, but I’d like to add in my own creative flare. We’ll see what happens! 

What are your recommendations for yoga beginners?

Don’t be intimidated when you see people who have been practicing yoga for years.  We all start somewhere. Don’t compete with others. Glean and learn from others, but only compete with yourself.   The most important thing you can do for yourself is to stay consistent.  Get on your mat every day.  

What are your top 3 Instagram accounts you like following?

My absolute favorites are:




When Bryan is not making amazing pictures for his Instagram his daily routine is to wake up, go to work., maybe find some time for  yoga at the park during lunchtime, coming home and doing some sort of workout/yoga for 2 hours. Then eating dinner, producing music for a couple hours and ending the night by hanging with his roommates, with which you will find them watching New Girl lately.

Want to get in contact with Bryan?

Instagram: @bryangwinyoga



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31 May 2016

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Meet Bryan Gwin, a tall, 2 different-eye colored, upside down yogi who currently resides in Seattle, WA. If you don’t find him upside down somewhere, he’s most likely […]
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