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“Dream Big. Love more. Shine brighter”


Who are your favorite heroes in real life?

My parents and my husband who are always here no matter what, always help me to take the good decision, always support me and show me how love is the most important thing. Also Dana Trixie Flynn with whom I trained at Laughing Lotus NYC. She represents everything I like when I take a yoga class: fun, challenge, inspiration, authenticity and easy going.

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?

Honesty and support.

Since when do you practice yoga?

I fell in love with yoga since July 2010 (

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

I like the scorpion pose (vrschikasana). I also love arm balances because it challenges me so much and brings me a lot of fun. Opening my heart is just an amazing feeling.



Why did you come to yoga?

I was living in New-York and had a yoga mat which was very trendy. 😉 I tried once and didn’t like it. I went back to the discipline at a later stage when I wasn’t feeling that great and I fell in love with it.

What does yoga bring you?

Yoga brings me the right balance and combines everything I need in my life: strengthening , flexibility , relaxing, get rid of my stress, fun, keeping my light on no matter what.

Where do you teach? Since when? Which yoga style?

I am a yoga teacher in Paris since 2012. I teach a vinyasa flow at Big apple yoga, Paris yoga, Yoga village and Make me yoga. My classes are a mix of fun, inversions, challenges, breath, laughes and sweat.

What is the best outdoor place to do yoga?

I recently went to Amorgos in a yoga shala. It was an open studio overlooking the sea on one side and mountains on the other. It was truly amazing.


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