5 April 2017

How To Rock Handstand

Goal: to rock a handstand? It’s something that we all want. After all we see beauty and strength on a daily basis through social media, our […]
25 January 2017

Steps to finding freshness through finding ourself

The transition from one year to the next seems to stir up a whole lot of reflection and dreaming within us all. There’s this kind of […]
25 December 2016

4 tips to add music to your yoga practice (+ playlist!)

If you love both music and movement, as I do, you’ll know that the two are closely linked.  Music is built through pitch and timing; while […]
14 November 2016

PORTRAIT: Steve Roberts, a passionate yoga teacher and trainer from South-Africa

Steve Roberts is one of those people that the energy just blasts away from and you just want to be around or connected with. With a […]